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1 hell of a christmas

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Somebody has to have these things....


If you have the following:

AT&T Cell phone - motorola v60, something small, not a big one like mine.
printer - working black and white printer, no color please.
fax machine - something that copies as well
Office supplies (folder files, storage boxes,stackable plastic boxes and
other supplies)
bookcase up to the waist
Plastic file bins
Milk crates
CD books
Blank cd's
Ironing board
vacumn cleaner - light weight
Comfortable computer chair
Bed Sheets, pillow cases, pillow (any color and size) - must be washed and
clean with no marks, stains or odors
Any Asian minimalist figurines/home accessories
Any African minimalist figurines/prefer black - prefer black
CANDLES - any kind, just need a description, if they have been partially
burned please offer a major discount.
Jewerly box
Clear thin CD cases
Sex in the city DVD's
Flat Screen monitor
Digial camera
Anything that is Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Christian Dior, but
seeking anything from the Dior rasta collection.
Shure Sm-58 microphone
Vanity desk
DJ bag

Obviously I don't have to say this, but please let all items in working
condition, I will want to test them at your place.

My items that I want to barter:

Artwork -

21" monitor ( will barter for flat screen and something else on my list)

(everthing below this point is either for barter or the entire thing for

CD's - Christiana Milian - Am to Pm maxi single
Divine - One more try maxi single
Down to Earth soundtrack - enimen, 3LW, and others
Staind - burned copy

BURBERRY replica luggage bag. cell phone holder and additional leather
straps included. New!

Female Clothing - Size Large (size 10-12)
- H&M Green/army velour pants with green satin side, never worn, new
- Long beautiful black gown with spaghetti straps and open back and high
side slit, never worn
- Tan camisole & cardigan set (tank top and cardigan with white lacey
flower print on the back)
- Red Parasucco rhinestone studded shirt, brand new, never worn,
- Red/black jersey dress (mesh sleeves) new with tag
- denim pointy heeled high heel mule shoes, size 8
-Brand new, never worn thongs (black, cute purple poka dot thongs)
-Keychain from Sequoi - chic store in France. It is a large silver Ring
with Sequoi engraved on it.
- silver earrings
-Two tanning bed glasses and suntan lotion

-Nail kit (cuticle remover, nail clipper, cuticle pusher, filer, etc....)
-Prescriptives pencil sharpener
-Necklace with beautiful brown flowers on it with matching earrings
- Lip gloss (clear with glitter, looks orange, but comes on orange)

Chacuer's Canterbury tales, Large paperback book
Spirituality in Art by Kandinsky
Georgia O'Keefe - biography, large hardback
Johnnie Cochran - authographed!!!!hardback
Victorian style cards - 2 different styles

HOME ACCESSORIES and other Misc. items
Set of coasters (blue, orange, yellow, green round translucent)
Small black ashtray, never been useD
Staple remover
Staple gun
Ruler (2)
Cd opener
Cute heart confetti
Staple Gun
Curling Iron - never used
Laundry Basket
Old female fashion magazines

Other accessories included

Sometimes I party with Mexican Revolutionaries

I´ll be leaving the warm arms of the Zapatistas in the highlands of Chiapas to return to the cold streets of New York. I miss you all....Mexicans down here don´t really party like you guys.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


1.build on the 15th or 16th
(be ready to start @3pm on the 16th)
2.spend no more than $30
3.safety last

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peace - one love,

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looks like our only chance is to go back in time- in order to save the mansion

we can use this as an outline:

Plot Summary for
One Crazy Summer (1986)

With a name like Hoops McCann, he's bound to get that basketball scholarship after high school, to help him find his way, his friend George invites Hoops to come with him and his sister to spend the summer on Nantucket. They pickup Cassandra on the way--she's being chased by a motorcycle gang. From here on in, it only gets crazier. Once on the island, they must help Cassandra save her grandfather's house from the greedy Beckersted Family.

Monday, December 04, 2006

The infamous night...

Between blow and cheap rum...we all really lost part of souls. One man more than others.....
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