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1 hell of a christmas

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Somebody has to have these things....


If you have the following:

AT&T Cell phone - motorola v60, something small, not a big one like mine.
printer - working black and white printer, no color please.
fax machine - something that copies as well
Office supplies (folder files, storage boxes,stackable plastic boxes and
other supplies)
bookcase up to the waist
Plastic file bins
Milk crates
CD books
Blank cd's
Ironing board
vacumn cleaner - light weight
Comfortable computer chair
Bed Sheets, pillow cases, pillow (any color and size) - must be washed and
clean with no marks, stains or odors
Any Asian minimalist figurines/home accessories
Any African minimalist figurines/prefer black - prefer black
CANDLES - any kind, just need a description, if they have been partially
burned please offer a major discount.
Jewerly box
Clear thin CD cases
Sex in the city DVD's
Flat Screen monitor
Digial camera
Anything that is Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Christian Dior, but
seeking anything from the Dior rasta collection.
Shure Sm-58 microphone
Vanity desk
DJ bag

Obviously I don't have to say this, but please let all items in working
condition, I will want to test them at your place.

My items that I want to barter:

Artwork -

21" monitor ( will barter for flat screen and something else on my list)

(everthing below this point is either for barter or the entire thing for

CD's - Christiana Milian - Am to Pm maxi single
Divine - One more try maxi single
Down to Earth soundtrack - enimen, 3LW, and others
Staind - burned copy

BURBERRY replica luggage bag. cell phone holder and additional leather
straps included. New!

Female Clothing - Size Large (size 10-12)
- H&M Green/army velour pants with green satin side, never worn, new
- Long beautiful black gown with spaghetti straps and open back and high
side slit, never worn
- Tan camisole & cardigan set (tank top and cardigan with white lacey
flower print on the back)
- Red Parasucco rhinestone studded shirt, brand new, never worn,
- Red/black jersey dress (mesh sleeves) new with tag
- denim pointy heeled high heel mule shoes, size 8
-Brand new, never worn thongs (black, cute purple poka dot thongs)
-Keychain from Sequoi - chic store in France. It is a large silver Ring
with Sequoi engraved on it.
- silver earrings
-Two tanning bed glasses and suntan lotion

-Nail kit (cuticle remover, nail clipper, cuticle pusher, filer, etc....)
-Prescriptives pencil sharpener
-Necklace with beautiful brown flowers on it with matching earrings
- Lip gloss (clear with glitter, looks orange, but comes on orange)

Chacuer's Canterbury tales, Large paperback book
Spirituality in Art by Kandinsky
Georgia O'Keefe - biography, large hardback
Johnnie Cochran - authographed!!!!hardback
Victorian style cards - 2 different styles

HOME ACCESSORIES and other Misc. items
Set of coasters (blue, orange, yellow, green round translucent)
Small black ashtray, never been useD
Staple remover
Staple gun
Ruler (2)
Cd opener
Cute heart confetti
Staple Gun
Curling Iron - never used
Laundry Basket
Old female fashion magazines

Other accessories included

Sometimes I party with Mexican Revolutionaries

I´ll be leaving the warm arms of the Zapatistas in the highlands of Chiapas to return to the cold streets of New York. I miss you all....Mexicans down here don´t really party like you guys.

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1.build on the 15th or 16th
(be ready to start @3pm on the 16th)
2.spend no more than $30
3.safety last

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peace - one love,

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looks like our only chance is to go back in time- in order to save the mansion

we can use this as an outline:

Plot Summary for
One Crazy Summer (1986)

With a name like Hoops McCann, he's bound to get that basketball scholarship after high school, to help him find his way, his friend George invites Hoops to come with him and his sister to spend the summer on Nantucket. They pickup Cassandra on the way--she's being chased by a motorcycle gang. From here on in, it only gets crazier. Once on the island, they must help Cassandra save her grandfather's house from the greedy Beckersted Family.

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The infamous night...

Between blow and cheap rum...we all really lost part of souls. One man more than others.....
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1.must build on the 15th
2.cannot spend more than $30 on it
3.must be approved by NSBDA
4.safety last

Who do we pay rent to?

Since they haven't said one word to us about taking over the lease I guess we still pay Rod, right? When does that lease expire, May?

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guess who's moving in?

chexx it


One you guys should appreciate this...

hopefully lasts longer
than dailyepisodes

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angular gyrus

why i love overheard in new york

Essence Of NYC: A Play in One Act

Bimbo tourist #1: Anyway, so when he pulled it out of me it made this farting noise, and I know it wasn't a fart because it didn't smell, and... It was just really embarrassing.
Bimbo tourist #2: Quip.
Bimbo tourist #1: What?
Bimbo tourist #2: A quip. The farting noise, it's called a 'quip.'
Bimbo tourist #1: Oh, they have a name for it? Wow.
Bimbo tourist #2: Oh, totally. It happens to a lot of people.
Stranger: Um, that's not right.
Bimbo tourist #2: Excuse me, sir?
Stranger: No, it's 'queef.'
Bimbo tourist #2: Wait, what?
Bimbo tourist #1: I think he's saying his name is 'Queef' or something.
Bimbo tourist #2: Oh, sorry. Excuse me, Queef?
Stranger: No... Oh, lord. The sound, it's 'queef.'
Bimbo tourist #2: Who's a 'queef?' What's going on?
Bimbo tourist #1: I think he's one of those crazy subway guys you hear about. I think he's telling us he's gay.
Stranger: I can hear you, and I'm not... What? That's 'queer,' you ingrate!
Bimbo tourist #1: Here's some money for you, sir. Buy your boyfriend a nice grocery cart or something.
Stranger: What?! Does it look like I'm homeless to you? I'm wearing fucking YSL over here... I ain't queer and I ain't homeless. You ignorant, you skinny, Paris Hilton-wannabe whores. All I was saying to you was that when your sleazy-ass friend over here pulled her boyfriend's dick out of her STD-ridden pussy, the word...
Bimbo tourist #1: I'm not following... Is he speaking Cockney or something?
Bimbo tourist #2: I don't know. Are you allowed to mace crazy hobos?
Stranger: ...I'm not fucking crazy!
Bimbo tourist #2: Of course you aren't, sir.
Passenger: Oh, shut your mouth, both of ya, or I'm gonna whoop both your scrawny asses, you hear?
Stranger: Thank you. All I was saying was...
Old lady: Ah, hell no! Can't you see this conversation has gone past anyone in this damn subway's comprehension? Know when to drop it, brother. Know when to drop it.
Bimbo tourist #2: [Mouthing] Oh my god.
Bimbo tourist #1: I know. That was intense.
Stranger, muttering to himself: ... Last time I ever take a subway... Unbelievable shit I put up with... Fucking Civics... Unreliable fuckers...

--L train

rod (still) sucks

New landlord does not affect the lease (unless foreclosed on)

If the landlord sells, dies or transfers the property, the new owner is obligated to honor your lease and any other agreement you made with the original owner or management. (This is another reason to always have important agreements in writing, signed and dated.) However, if the property is foreclosed on by a bank or some other entity because the landlord did not pay the mortgage on the premises, the new owner is not obligated to honor your lease (or any other agreement), but they must allow you to stay at least 30 days from the date of the foreclosure sale as long as you do not violate any other portion of the lease and you are current on your rent. If you receive notice that your landlord is about to be foreclosed on, and someone else is demanding you pay them rent or vacate, consult an attorney because it is sometimes hard to determine who to give the rent to.


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An oldie, but a goodie


I know I know it's old...but he recently added this really stupid elf music, so it seemed like it was worth posting again.

He also uses the word "Kewl".

go figure.

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Happy Birthday Gay Elliott!!!

42 really snuck up on ya huh? Have fun bangin' your 21 year-old editors....pederast.

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kung-fu grip...

not included


ever been kicked in the head by a bull?

semi-tejano zombie


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linger fickin good

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Oooh Oooh Oooh it's magic.

Feel free to skip to the end of this rather long clip.

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eat a richard

Chatham County Showdown 3


come meet me in North Carolina.

it'l be real slashy.

Chatham County Showdown #3.

I didn't post the vid, cuz i dont know how, but you have a search engine, do the knowlwdge.

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archived episodes...

the simpsons, futurama, south park, family guy, american dad.


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Everybody; off the wagon - we're cured!

Excerpt from BBC

Scientists had thought that the scarring associated with cirrhosis - known as fibrosis - was irreversible.

However, recent studies have shown that is not the case.

Now the Newcastle team, in tests on animals, have shown that Sulphasalazine can aid the recovery process.

When the liver is injured specialised cells called hepatic myofibroblasts create scar tissue, and secrete proteins which prevent it being broken down.

In healthy liver tissue the scars eventually melt away and are replaced by new normal tissue.
However, in diseased tissue this process does not happen. Instead the scar tissue proliferates, and spreads throughout the whole organ.

The Newcastle team showed that Sulphasalazine could aid recovery by blocking the production of proteins that keep the scar tissue cells alive.

They plan to carry out trials in humans, but already believe the drug has the potential to provide an alternative to a liver transplant.

The drug will initially be given to heavy drinkers who have given up alcohol, but too late for their liver to recover naturally.

full article here.

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There is a truckstop called iowa80truckstop.com, where you can get your teeth cleaned////should probably go as it has been a number of years skated the Iowa city park today, pretty much ripped it up. also drawing by David Dunlap Im headin east!

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Because it's that kind of day

did I GnL'ed this afternoon? Yes I did.

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Good thing I have less that 49 friends

Officials to crack down on parties
Excerpts from the Daily Texan

Ian Warren - Posted: 9/7/06

For many years, UT's fraternities and sororities have thrown massive parties with very little police interference. That may all be about to change.

A new plan, revealed during an Aug. 31 Austin Police Commander's Forum held by Commander Michael Jung, will focus on cracking down on large parties in Austin, said John Foxworth, president of the Shoal Crest Neighborhood Association and a photo advisor to The Daily Texan.

Michelle DeCrane, spokeswoman for the Austin Fire Department, said the new plan does not single out fraternities. It focuses on Austin's safety codes and will apply to all Austin residents, she said.

"Over the years, frat parties have gotten bigger and more elaborate, and it's getting difficult to keep them safe," said Don Smith, an Austin Fire Department fire marshal.

Any gathering of more than 49 people requires a public assembly permit, Smith said. These permits are available at the AFD but require a fire-safety inspection of the intended location of the party, Smith said.

As a result of stricter enforcement, the things that students are used to seeing at greek parties, such as "party builds," man-made pools, outdoor bands, "trash can punch" and the all-concealing black tarps may soon disappear, said Richard "Tiny" Clinton, president of Tiny's Risk Management, a popular risk management choice for fraternities. Interfraternity Council restrictions recently banned "trash can punch," bands who perform outdoors, which create a huge risk for a noise complaint, and man-made pools, Clinton said.

Any group attempting to construct a "party build" will have to obtain a building permit prior to beginning construction, Smith said.

The black tarps that usually block visibility into the backyards of fraternity and sorority houses are highly flammable, he added. They will have to be replaced with new tarps that are not flammable.

The group responsible for enforcing these ordinances will be the Public Assembly Code Enforcement Task Force, which is composed of members of zoning, the police, the fire department, code enforcement and the TABC, Smith said. He

"Any party that does not have a permit should expect to be shut down if law enforcement arrives," Clinton said.

I don't think SnS counts as a "party build", and the pool is not man-made. I'm sure this will be enforced much the same way as the Narc patrol that slows by our house and speeds up to drive past the frat two doors down that drew all over a dying kid last year. I'll drink to that!

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New Orleans' Showdown

So, maybe we should start a inter-state softball/drinking league. Us vs. them. There can be only one. Over the top.
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elliot trying out for austrian idol

So long crikey

Stingray's: not just badass cars

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Stupid in America.....

o is for oh yeah



I followed these instructions to create an awesome writing pen for the upcoming semester (that's right, we don't start until after labor day). However, I felt slightly sheepish when, while walking towards the pen shop, I inadvertently entered the neighborhing lingerie shop. Needless to say, the girls working their must have been slightly confused when I approached them and asked: "Yes, I need a blue, fine point rollerball refill". They cocked their heads a little, looked at me confusedly (it was at this point, looking around at the myriad of panties and bras, that I realized I had fucked up), smiled at me, and said: "Are you looking for panties? We sell those here."
"Oh, you don't sell pens? This must be the wrong store"
"Come back if you need help with panties or bras."

Past and Present

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Why ya gotta hate on the hair

The one guy also had a wandering eye, hence my loyalty to them as a young dude.

From Eddie Murray to Edward Murrow

Keith Olberman does his best Murrow, and it's worth the look/listen. I still wish he was on ESPN though.

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Yes Men strike again, spotlight HUD's failures

ENNER, Louisiana (CNN) -- A man who pulled a hoax on Louisiana officials and 1,000 contractors by presenting himself as a federal housing official said Monday he intended to focus attention on a lack of affordable housing.

"We basically go around impersonating bad institutes or institutes doing very bad things," said the man, who identified himself as Andy Bichlbaum, a 42-year-old former college teacher of video and media arts who lives in New York and Paris.

"That would be HUD. At this moment, they're doing some really bad things."

Masquerading as Rene Oswin, an official at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Bichlbaum followed Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin to the lectern Monday morning at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner.

The rest of the story and some video...

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Hangover newsflash: U of Texas-Austin tops party school list

AUSTIN, Texas - The Texas Longhorns earned another national title Monday, not for football but as the country's best party school.

The University of Texas at Austin beat Penn State University, West Virginia University and last year's winner, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in the Princeton Review survey of 115,000 students at campuses around the country.

It topped the overall list — its first time atop the Princeton Review chart — by ranking second in the use of hard liquor, third in beer drinking and 13th in marijuana smoking.

For the ninth straight year, Brigham Young University was voted the most "stone cold sober" school.

UT spokesman Don Hale said campus leaders don't take such rankings very seriously.

"I know there were a lot of good parties here after we won the national football championship, and I'm going to guess that a lot of the kids who filled out the survey remembered those parties," he said.

Student body president Danielle Rugoff said the school had a vibrant social scene even before the top ranking. With about 1,000 student groups, including more than 50 social sororities and fraternities, it's easy to find a way to unwind after a long day of studying, she said.

"It's such a unique environment," said Rugoff, a senior government major. "It allows for students to just live life to the fullest and have such a rich academic environment and rigorous academic program and still have an amazing time and enjoy being in college."

The party school list is included in the Princeton Review's "Best 361 Colleges" guide, which goes on sale Tuesday. The company is not affiliated with Princeton University.

It contrasts with U.S. News and World Report's annual guide to "America's Best Colleges," where UT-Austin tied with four other schools in 47th place.

Rugoff said administrators and student leaders work hard to help students make good decisions about alcohol and drugs.

Despite those efforts, a freshman died of acute alcohol poisoning in December as a result of fraternity hazing.

Tests showed Phanta "Jack" Phoummarath's blood alcohol level was 0.50 percent, more than six times the legal limit. University officials canceled Lambda Phi Epsilon's status as a registered student organization until 2011 after an investigation found new members were expected to drink large amounts of liquor.

The author of the Princeton report, Robert Franek, said the lists are simply meant to provide more information for high school students.

"It's simply finding that community both inside and outside of the classroom that I think is the challenge for many students," he said.

elliot lost another bet

Friday, August 18, 2006

Three awesome things about Ridgewood & neighboring Bushwick.

1. Loaded Baked Potato Pringles
2. Clam strips & chicken rings from White Castle
3. 99¢ for a 24oz. Coors with frost brew liner

All within 3 blocks and available until the wee hours.

the san pedro ramp yo

you had 3 cups

sssnakesss on a plane getsss my vote for 'most amazing piece of sh*t of the year'.

mind blowing cinema...

kurt really missed out.

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Lil' Man

is now officially my landlord, I pay him rent. So he is now christened....Lil' Landlord.

rising sun


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

we get to meet him on thur.

yes that's right we have seats next to him for snakes on a plne

Monday, August 14, 2006

post-lil' man era...

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Slip 'n Slide, v 7.0

Check it. Kelly still has some purple bruises, and I still have some tarpburn. If yous wants a high-res of any of these, let me know.

You guys rule for making this happen.

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Aubreys Boyfriend in the background (White Vest)

See it for yourselves... pay close attention to the guy in the white vest and compare to the picture... !!!

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Since its a google video (not a youtube) I could not find the embeded thing.. so here's the linko... Blind "Video Days" complete.. makes me wanna cry..



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Fishing in Brazil

Yep, that's embedded Little Man (which outperformed Superman at the box office last week).

thursday night - bring a cardboard

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Bush Pilot

This video explains so much. Daniel, you know German, why didn't you tell us?
Are you in on it? Have you gone to the Narc side?

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Anfernee wanted you to see this


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How to find a (dead) rat, or something.

Step 1: Procure a tasty beverage.

Step 2: Remove ceiling panel at locus of worst smell.

Step 3: Dispose of maggot infested vermin in appropriate receptacle.