Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mammal identification quiz #1

What, the fuck, is the proper name of this critter?

All your dreams are over now...

Truly overjoyed by the prospect of our soon to be departin' residents ('cept Aubrey McStompalot), I feel the need to provide some education concerning our guests before they meet their doom - I mean go to the aforecommented retirement home.

Roof Rat (Black/Ship rat) – Adult with combined head and body length 6-8’ (16-20 cm). Color usually brown with black intermixed, to gray to black above with underside white, gray, or black. Very similar to house mouse when it comes to contamination of food, damages/destroys materials and carrier of disease organisms. Roof rats reached maturity in 2-5 months. The average number of litters is 4-6 per year, each containing an average of 6-8 young.

Roof rats are color blind and very poor vision. They are primarily nocturnal in habit and a very cautious. Although they constantly explore their surroundings, they shy away from new objects and changes making control difficult. Roof rats prefer to nest in the upper parts of structures but may be found under buildings as well as occasionally in basements and sewers.

Outdoors, they prefer to nest in higher places such as in trees but may occasionally be found in burrows in or under vegetation around structures. Historically, bubonic plague has been associated with these rats and its fleas, which move from infested rats to man. Fortunately, plague has not been found in rats in the USA for many years.

Mating Season

Thanks to Little Ma.. -er I mean evilbiologist- who submitted a great primer on cohabitating with coons. I did raise my eyebrows when I came to this part though:

The female raccoon acts somewhat differently. She comes into heat in January. When in heat she's extremely friendly to everyone [slutty]. However, when her heat cycle ends, she turns suddenly viscious. This is the time in nature when she'd drive the male 'coon away from her den after three weeks of cohabitation. For a short time she'll try to drive humans away too. It's probable someone may get bitten for no apparent reason. Gradually she'll calm down as her hormonal level decreases, and she'll become your loving pet again.
Unfortunately, if she doesn't become pregnant in January, she may come into heat again in March or April and the cycle repeats itself. The second cycle is usually milder than the first.

Dude Where's My Couch?

Goals for today

1. Discreetly give the finger to people all day.
2. Watch Rhinestone
3. Read.
4. Say bye to Squawbrey.

I love you no mater what you say...

money, scrilla, duckets, cream...

Rod "Sucks" Williams

Rent is, like, due tomorrow.

Skate Like A Man

man cookies and soda sausages?

this guy is a real rap star gangster
of the thug variety

The Upstairs Neighbors

Now we know why there aren't any rats in the attic!

they'll never catch me-cause i'm fucking innocent

i'm still free bitches

Lone Drinker at 2708

I have recently discovered that I am the lone drinker in the household now. I enjoy a fine bottle of Hill Country port on those chilly Monday evenings, or a sixer I snuck into the movie theatre on a pseudo-date. I do not enjoy throwing up in my car, nor on the outside of my car, after a Tuesday night binger. But, I work exceedingly hard so that I may party exceedingly hard. I, unlike the other tribe members, am not an acoholic pussy. Fuck you faggots, enjoy your shakes at night while I am living it up with single, well-off bachelors on an open bar yaht on Lake Austin. Oh...Elliott is still drinking too? Well, when did he ever really count; maybe he should drink even more and talk even less.
Excuse me, I have a late night date with some whiskey.

Monday, January 30, 2006

To do:

1. Invent boots with padding on the bottom.
2. Convince a certain photographer to wear them.
3. Kill rats.

Thanks for the Invitation

Yo... what up.. I used to live there.. hahaha... shit.. the 2708 B Ganga !!!!!
I'll try to post something better next time.. just wanted to say hi to all my ninjas from the Tribe..


Sunday, January 29, 2006

"Big Trouble in Little China" Trivia

1. The film was originally planed to be a sequel to the film The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension.
2. Actress Suzee Pai's character Miao Yin originally had dialogue in the film, but it all ended up on the cutting room floor.
3. Suzee Pai was a former Penthouse Pet.
4. The song used in the film's closing credits is performed by The Coupe De Ville a band composed of John Carpenter and several other people who worked on the film.
5. A TV series entitled More Trouble in Little China was planned, but it never was produced.
6. John Carpenter is often confronted by fans at conventions wanting to know when a sequel will be made. He always tells them that he has no plans for such a film.

We're kind of into sweatpants...

We're kind of into sweatpants...CAPITAL LETTERsz

We're kind of into sweatpants...

We're kind of into sweatpants...uh

kurt russell v. sylvester stallone

this morning was a double feature. tequila sunrise, then short circuit. the former, i am reluctant to say, sucked. raul julia was good, but kurt always plays a cop, but this time he lacked his trademark mullet. and a kurt without a mullet is a dead kurt. on the other hand, we need to have a filmfest with stallone movies that he directed and/or wrote. the movie rights are $200-700 per film. the first movie he directed was paradise valley. i went to vulcan today and couldn't find it.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Big Trouble in Little San Pedro... this Sunday

Keeping with the Kurt Russell mode, we'll be watching a Big Trouble in Little China, eating some grub, and maybe drinking some Big Red.

Also of note, the color scheme for this blog is one of the worst I've ever seen.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Say no more...

This blog is dead to me.
- 2708 B. Resident

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

21 cyclists were killed on the streets of New York in the year 2005

To do:
1. Stop writing
2. Watch cement dry
3. Get some sweatpants

Dance Dance Revolution at 765 schools

West Virginia public schools are the latest to bring Dance Dance Revolution into the classroom to help fight youth obesity. The schools aren't buying the arcade consoles though, but rather Xboxes, TVs, and the DDR mats. The game will be, er, rolled out in 765 of the public schools before next year. Apparently, it's the largest of the DDR at school programs yet. Konami will get $30 for each game. From the San Francisco Chronicle:
Officials at Konami, who are helping shape the physical education program, said they are pleased that their games are being used to help children become more fit. They said it makes sense in this era of high-tech gadgets and media-savvy kids to use so-called exergames to inspire activity.

"Kids are high-tech now," said Clara Gilbert, director of business partnerships for Konami. "This fits into their lifestyle. It's fun and it's music they're familiar with. The important thing is they're having fun while working out."

Gonna make you sweat till you bleed...

- I don't write this stuff; D

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

KSU Sophomore Stumps Bush

Bush seemed to do okay when the Turkish girl wouldn't shut up about how great he was during the Q&A.
Watch how he has to scramble when somone actually asks a question. A beautiful non-answer I must admit.
He doesn't in any way answer the real question, but answers a similar question concocted in his own mind.

Think Progress � College Sophomore Stumps President Bush


i totally just had a blackbean frito pie. don't be jealous.

gusto should get a fruit helmet:

i have a lot to say.

Smells like Snew upstairs!

sammy and miguel refuse

to reveal their imaginary friend to the rest of the tribe

tuesday the 24th of 2006

what a year so far
no beer drinking
what are we thinking

that's what made this reservation great

january in the o'6

jon-eric is a wino now
and maybe forever