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i like this

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So here is the deal...

Grab your nearest tribe member and watch this movie
it worked for me

Sammy Pee

In the place that be

Bird just flew in and...


The new album, "Planet Earth", by the guy on the bottom right

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

fix-push, dawg...

the new lakai is so good

here is the intromakes me wanna go slash

Friday, December 07, 2007

Sorry, I just couldn't resist

For those of you (like me) that prefer discrete summations over continuous integrals.
Fuck it was cold yesterday.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

No, the Creation Museum is NOT in Virginia

Just to clarify for you jackasses, the humans with dinosaur feature is one of the many exciting feature available for you there:

It is located on the border of Ohio, so it is not even on the side of Kentucky that is closest to Virginia.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Get ready for the holidays!!

I am not completely sure how it works.. Also not sure if I would use it.. but it's out there..
The Gas Grabber

Oh good lord. Someone has invented a fart protector. After you've eaten the Thanksgiving turkey equivalent of a horse, some of that tryptophan is going to eventually turn into methane, and you're going to need some serious butt protection like this. This patented Gas Grabber anal pad uses activated charcoal to neutralize those toxic fumes, sparing all of your beloved family members from your willful violation of their airspace by your noxious kamikazes. So far, it's just in the patent application stage, so this special mojo filter won't be available this Thanksgiving. Too bad.

More info

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

and iran...iran so far away,

couldn't get away

Laura Sonnenmark … drove to the offices of Martin Focus Groups in Alexandria, Virginia, knowing she would be paid $150 for two hours of her time. After joining a half dozen other women in a conference room, she found, to her surprise, that she had been called in to help some of the country’s most prominent hawks test-market language that could be used to sell a war against Iran to the American public. “The whole basis of the whole thing was, ‘we’re going to go into Iran and what do we have to do to get you guys to along with it,’” Sonnenmark, 49, tells Mother Jones.

The client paying for the focus group session, according to Sonnemark, was Freedom’s Watch …read on

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thankful for drums...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Part I of My Interview with Gary


i:So what's new?

Gary:Just enjoying the region.

i:You mean Texas?

Gary:No, well I mean I do like Texas, but
i was referring to the region where
a girl's legs come together.

i:Very well, let's change the subject
What are you up to these days?

Gary:I'm on a bit of a slump right now
I hurt my foot doing a very tricky dance maneuver.

i:So you aren't as active?

Gary:NO, and it shows i think.
Is it me or does this body make me look fat?

i:I hear you used to skate. Miss it much?

Gary:I still rollaround sometimes. The style has changed so much
though, you hardly see skaters wearing bowties anymore.

i:What was your signature move?

Gary:Where people usually carve,I widdle.

i:It sounds like you set very high standards for yourself.

Gary:Well I mean , I do. I tend to find tough solutions
to simple problems. I use math and sometimes it's impossible!

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Poll: Fake or Real

Poll the public: is this real or fake? Vote now!!! Make a difference. Warning: This is totally NSFW. Consider yourself warned.

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Two favorites in one video... amazing

Maybe I'll work for Gravel's campaign once I graduate... if it lasts that long.

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A Long Time Ago...

In a Galaxy 1 Hour Away (San Antonio)

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with smelliot in mind...

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hold the mustard.

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Sam loves the "walking taco"...

Frito pie (also known as "Frito Chili Pie," "Frito Boat", "Chili Frito Casserole" or, in the Midwest, a "Walking Taco") is a corn chip and chili con carne dish of disputed origin, popular in the South Western United States.

A basic Frito pie typically consists of a small single-serving bag of Fritos corn chips, with a cup of chili poured over the top, usually finished up with grated cheese or onions and jalapeƱos and sour cream. [1] Because there are so many Fritos compared to the amount of chili, only part of the Fritos will get saturated by the chili, and most will stay at least partly crunchy.

In the Midwestern United States, there is a variation called a "walking taco". Along with Fritos, Nacho Cheese Doritos are commonly used as the chip base, and the meal is almost always eaten "in the bag". Another difference between a walking taco and a Frito pie is that walking tacos rarely have chili in them, using seasoned beef or pork instead. After the meat goes in the bag, it is finished with cheese, lettuce, tomato, salsa, sour cream, or any taco-friendly topping the eater wishes. Walking tacos are popular in the Midwest at sports venues, fundraisers, open houses, and more recently, the Iowa State Fair.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

i think i remember something...

A new scientific study on rats suggests that low to moderate drinking of alcohol may actually improve memory. The researchers at the University of Auckland and Ohio State University studied how giving alcohol to genetically-engineered rats affected a particular neuronal receptor that's essential to memory.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Remember this guy??

I miss smoking outside!!

"Silent Guardian"

When turned on, it emits an invisible, focused beam of radiation - similar to the microwaves in a domestic cooker - that are tuned to a precise frequency to stimulate human nerve endings.

It can throw a wave of agony nearly half a mile.
to be used for riot control

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

i think it's the high cheek bones

Several things...

1. The lil' Man swears that this sexy Vegas playing card looks exactly like Sammy:
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2. The mansion makes me sad, and mad...thus I'm smad.

3. I've been dating a boy for a while; he's the best I've ever had. He doesn't look like the villian from Charlie's Angels, nor has he paid for his girlfriend's abortion. Knowing that I'm a wildcat, I made him write a page essay (he actually did bullet points) on why I should be his girlfriend....I said yes. So, basically, I can't fuck strangers in bar bathrooms anymore...and I'm happy with that.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Last Night's Party @ the Mansion got OUT OF CONTROL

who the hell parked the tractor in elliott's room?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

This Week In History

I've been thinking things like:
the reduction in troops cannot be avoided because of current lack of recruitment
so the president lied.
also things like this:
YAHOO caught me off guard
this is what i actually care about:
read the main headline

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All or 33

Somebody is 33 today. Wow 33. Do you remember 33? What comes after 33? 33?

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

ah so!


it's will

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Bikes, Beers and a whole lot of fun !!

Footage of my early drinking days in Piedras Negras. Axel was doing the one man show entertaining the girls while I had to go get the refills.

Sorry, I could not get the subtitles to work.. Ni merga..

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um, yeah...

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"it is almost a mathematical certainty that we are living in someone else’s computer simulation."

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¡Aye Carumba!

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